Monday, June 19, 2006

The Sky is the Limit

Hello! My name is Tom Hynes. I am a partner in developing a website that is intended to be the cornerstone for a web shopping community that will allow users to find, bookmark, list, comment on, etc... the best deals on the internet. But more on that later.

Well, it's been awhile since we first posted a teaser line on our blog. Nearly 4 months to be exact. The reason for our absence from our blog site is simple... we have been in a heavy development stage of our website...

As anyone who has ever taken an idea for a new web business from the infancy stage to an actual flesh and blood working prototype can attest, IT IS HARD WORK! But I think those same people will also concede that journey is worth every step. My business partner John and I have had so much fun in working on and tweaking our site that I wonder why we didn't do this sooner. The rush from this creative process has also opened my eyes to what true fulfillment in one's career can mean. For the first time in my life I see my work as something I would gladly and thankfully do until I am too old and weak to do it anymore. Oh Happy Days! :)

To set the stage for describing our soon to be launched (fingers crossed) website, I thought it appropriate to talk a little about the people behind dealarmy in this first post and leave the techno talk for future blog entries. So, here goes...

John and I are cousins. We grew up together in the small town of Carbonear, which is in the province of Newfoundland, which happens to be the eastern most province of Canada. We are both young(ish) professionals, I a lowly engineer and he an IT wunderkind (he is making me write this. please send help!). As for interests, well we have both recently purchased motorcycles and are planning a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia and then south to California. I'm still a little (actually, more than a little) nervous but it should be a blast all the same. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to see along the way? FYI, we may go as far south as San Francisco or even San Diego.

Caught me dreaming about motorbikes again. Where was I? Oh yeah, John and I have been working in Canada and the US for several years now with one company or another and have wanted to go into business together for sometime. After floating several web based ideas around for the past few years we believe we have hit on one that has potential. How much potential you ask? Well that remains to be seen but in the words of the Eternal Optimist, "The sky is the limit."

Till next time. Looking forward to getting our blog out there and meeting new folks.

Ride On!
Tom Hynes


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