Sunday, June 25, 2006

What is dealarmy?

What is I am glad you asked.

The website is designed to create a community where the members of that community share the deals they find both on and off the internet. They can view others deals, rate and comment on others deals, save them to personalized lists (individual and group lists), send a deal to a friend, etc... pretty much anything you can think of. The larger and stronger the community becomes the more powerful a tool becomes in turn.

This social networking functionality is the cornerstone of Web 2.0 and is also at the heart of This united we stand/divided we fall mentality is taking over the new internet revolution from applications as diverse as sharing photos to posting breaking news stories and everything in between.

An obvious benefit of is the ability to form lists to store like deals for easy comparison. Gone are the days of jotting down notes from various websites on a piece of paper as you hunt for the best value. Ever lose that valuable piece of paper and have to start over? lists allow you to save all the deals you find and group them for ease of comparison. Even adding deals to the website (and your lists) is near effortless thanks to a powerful bookmarking tool that captures all the relevant data from the site you are visiting and sends it back to

While certainly not unique in it's application of Web 2.0 principles to finding better deals, I believe that will have and edge in offering novel features that leverage on the strength of the community to the maximum benefit of our members. Without giving away too much just yet let me say that at we take the old adage of "Power to the People" quite seriously.

We hope to have our site released in the next few weeks and are trying to create a little buzz prior to its arrival. If you have any ideas on extra features that a site such as ours should offer we'd love to hear from you.
Till Next Time.
Tom Hynes


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