Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It ain't easy

I guess starting a new business is never easy. Especially when that business is in the uber-competitive world of internet start-ups.

Taking an idea and developing it into a living, breathing website is no small feat. As you map out the basic ideas and functionalities with what you think are clearly defined ideas for your programmers you quickly realize how subjective a term "clearly" can be. I guess the old saying that you can never be too descriptive is worth it's weight in gold. The lesson learned from our exercise to date is that if you leave nothing open to interpretation then you actually get the website you want at the end of the day. This is to take nothing away from our programmers... quite the opposite in fact... this lesson was one that we needed to learn for ourselves.

Now that Phase I of dealarmy.com is ready for limited release to a few of our friends and trusted colleagues (and other seriously interested individuals who would like to participate by emailing us at dealarmy@gmail.com) for beta testing, my attention is turning to the task of marketing our website. How do I get the word out that we've got a site here that people will find beneficial in their day to day lives with the added benefit of offering certain applications that we believe have not been see before? Blogs, viral campaigns, press releases, flyers, etc. all come to mind. I would be interested in any other marketing ideas people may have as applied to their own experience.

Mainly though I would appreciate some feedback on the topic of blogging. With the sea of blogs out there it is hard for even the cream to rise to the top. Any thoughts people are willing to share on how a blog can be seen and heard above the din would be greatly appreciated. Being new to this activity I am on a definitive learning curve but I am a quick learner and willing to put in the time. I look forward to hearing from the experienced bloggers out there.

Till next time.
Tom Hynes

P.S. John and I took our first extended road trip on the motorbikes this weekend with a buddy of ours. Went to Jasper, Alberta and it was an incredible drive! The scenery was awesome. If you ever have the chance to ride highway 93 from Banff to Jasper I hope you take it. A link to some pics below to see that I am telling the truth.



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