Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Teambuy in China

Just read a post on TechCrunch that discussed an article from The Economist on an interesting phenomenon happening in China. Masses of people are showing up at stores at predetermined times (with the organization achieved through a blog) to ask for and usually get lower prices on goods.

This is great news because it goes to show that we are on the right track at dealarmy.com (contact us at dealarmy@gmail.com for a sneakpeek). When John and I sat down to discuss what we wanted from dealarmy the underlying theme was that we wanted to add as much benefit to our customers as possible. We were hoping that this "team buy" aspect combined with our other features were a step in the right direction. Having seen the buzz The Economist article is starting to create it gives us hope that we are on the right track. It's funny how a little good news can recharge the creative batteries and help us forge ahead.

Till Next Time
Tom Hynes


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