Monday, October 09, 2006

"He's Making A List...."

Want to get organized for the upcoming holiday season? Tired of last minute purchases that cost you a bundle? Want to wow your loved ones with the best gifts you've ever given them? If so then can help!

I've mentioned it before in earlier posts but I want to revisit the feature that was intended to help you be at your shopping best. What feature you ask? Well, our List feature of course. In you have the ability to create different lists where you can save gift ideas from all over the net. These lists give you the ability to compare prices on the same product offered by different Merchants. More importantly though, lists give you the ability to put extra thought into a gift purchase by storing gift ideas for that special someone now and revisiting at a later date when you have more time to narrow the options down to that perfect present.

Creating Lists are easy. Just go to My Dealarmy and click on My Lists. On the left hand side of the screen click on Create New List and enter the list name in the box that appears. Now decide whether to make the list public or private, click on OK and you are done. Simple! Also, to make populating those lists as easy as tearing the wrapping paper off of a present you just click on the Add to Dealarmy link in your favourites (if using Internet Explorer) or click on the Add to Dealarmy button in your toolbar (if using Mozilla). This brings up our bookmarklet tool that allows you to add items to your list from wherever you happen to be on the net.

Finally, to highlight how these lists can help your shopping cause you can create lists for each person you have to buy for (e.g. Mom, Dad, Uncle Larry, etc...) and anytime you are browsing and see, for example, some golf balls that are Uncle Larry's favourite you just use the bookmarklet tool to add those balls to the Uncle Larry list you have created, keep searching and adding more ideas to your lists, and, when you are ready, go back to your lists and determine which gift will be the one you buy. Easy isn't it!

Hoping you get the best deals this holiday season!
Tom and John
The team


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