Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's alive!!, social shopping, web 2.0

Today Tom and I have asked people to sign up to our project and provide their feedback. No press releases, no huge launch parties...we're just 2 guys with an idea and with the help of some great guys over seas we were able to develop this project. is a social shopping site that allows members to find, share, and get deals on all sorts of related items. Our mantra is to help people find great prices and items they want. A deal doesn't necessarily mean rock bottom prices, a deal means value and getting the most for your money.

As Tom has written before, community is at the heart of our website. We want the members to actively participate in the community. How can you participate? Great question! Simply by sharing deals of your own.

We have provided a feature to make sharing a deal as easy as saving a favorite or bookmarking a website. So try it out and let us know what you think!


PS The site is still considered to be in beta phase which means that there will be errors and glitches along the way. The reason why we wanted to launch now is to gauge feedback and to see if this idea can take root. That's the scary part...who knows?


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