Monday, September 25, 2006

Make money by helping others find deals

One of the unique features of is the Request a Deal feature. It's premise is to connect people who are not good at finding deals (or just don't have the time) with those who are.

How it works:
Say you are looking for a gift, or something special.

1. Simply complete the Request a Deal form describing the item.

2. Add a picture from your computer

3. Provide the amount your are hoping to pay for the item

4. Enter the Bounty. (the amount you are willing to give someone for finding the deal).

5. Tell us how long you want the ad displayed (the expiry date)then submit the deal

That's it.

You wait for people to reply, and when you find the deal you want, you award the bounty to the lucky person.

To be fair to our bounty seekers, we require the bounty to be paid via paypal. When you select the winner, we will forward the amount on to the winner.

Currently, there is a Request a Deal for a aeron chair. The user is hoping to spend 450-500 for a new chair and is willing to pay $30 to the person who can find him a new Aeron chair for that price.


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