Friday, May 25, 2007

Rogers Cable & Internet Sucks

I just had to jump through a half dozen hoops to cancel my Cable & Internet services with Rogers (I'm moving and the place already has a service)

First off, I couldn't cancel my service through their website (something smells fishy there) and I ended up forgetting to cancel the service. A few days ago, I received a call from Rogers asking me to call to move my services to my new address (with no mention to cancel my existing service). Having time today, I called in and went through the following sequence of events:

* go to the website to find the phone number (no mention in the FAQs on how to cancel my service)
*listens to really bad robotic voice IVR (have to answer a series of questions so they can transfer my call which includes entering my phone number
*transferred to customer service rep who asks for my phone number, name, and postal code
*He tries to collect more information but I refuse to give them my email and other phone numbers
* After telling him I want to cancel, he redirects my call again.
* A lady asks for my phone number, name, and postal code again!!
* She informs me that I needed to give 30 days notice so I now have to pay for an extra month
* I explain that I started this process 30 days ago but their website wasn't helpful
* I tell her to send the bill
* She then tells me to return the internet modem at a local Rogers location or I will be charged.

To recap:
I had to interact with 2 people and 1 pseudo person to cancel my account and will eventually interact with 1 or 2 more when I return the modem. I had to provide my personal information 3 times (with the probability to have to provide it again at the store). Add in being charged an extra months service along with an unexpected walk to a Rogers store and it makes me a disgruntled customer.

All of this could have been avoided and I would be a more pleasant Rogers customer if they simply had a Cancel My Account button on their website.

They could even made the journey to the Rogers store acceptable if they had a simple instructions on the website or how about a printable form to attach to the modem for the rogers guy who is in my building every other day to pick up?

Because it was such a hassel, I will strongly consider switching to a competitor in the future. Thanks Rogers! You made my future purchase decisions a lot easier!



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